Friday, 25 January 2013

Wet rooms: Suitable for a Contemporary Lifestyle

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Wet rooms are tanked (waterproofed) rooms that are fitted with a notable walk-in shower. The rooms become shower enclosures featuring shower drains into a floor that is sloping gently as opposed to the conventional shower tray. Tanking is a procedure performed in bathrooms, shower rooms, sauna/ steam rooms and wet rooms. The procedure helps to protect the building from the migration of moisture and leaks.

The benefits associated with this kind of bathrooms:

The room flooring consists of adhesive, tiles and grouts. This makes them permeable and thus enables moisture content to migrate through the structure over time. These causes mold to grow and rot to develop, leading to structural damage. The important elements that make up the room include enough ventilation, recommended flooring and shower drain, effective waterproofing and correct flooring of the room sloping towards the drain. Getting in touch with the professionals will assists you on matters about how to convert an existing bathroom into a wet room.

The benefits of the room are many, including the capacity to cater for luxurious lifestyle, offer total flexibility and excellent finish. It opens up the bathroom, just enough to create an attractive space.It also suits contemporary designs. Furthermore, it complements under-floor heating systems. In terms of flexibility, the wet room advances a shower where a traditional shower would not have been practical. Furthermore, flooring can feature concrete or wooden floors. Moreover, there is no predetermined size or shapes for the showers.

Planning for the installation of a wet room:

The wet room flooring needs to be performed in such a way that it offers an excellent finish. The building needs to be protected from leaks and moisture damage. An excellent finish ensures that the tiles and grout are protected. It can be installed in both apartments and homes. The bathrooms and shower rooms can be replaced with wet rooms. The style of the rooms depends on the homes floor profile. However, in some buildings, this might not be possible because of the lack of enough space beneath the floor. Nevertheless, the wet rooms can be designed in a creative and simple way with the goal of achieving the desired bathroom.

When you are planning your bathroom, consider carefully the flooring, size of tiles and style of the floor tiles. Some drains work effectively with mosaics and others with larger tiles. In addition, decide on the location of the shower. In place of radiators, you can choose under floor heating. Other key decisions include heated towel rails, glass screens, wall for hanging sanitary ware, freestanding baths, grab rails and shower seating.

It can be fixed at competitive prices. The pricing is transparent and all the tanking products, drains and floor-leveling screed are available online. Meanwhile, the installation depends on the profile of the floor, the style of the drain, room design and waterproofed area.

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