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Wet rooms Advantages and Disadvantages

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Wet rooms are becoming the latest trend in the bathroom designs. Understandable since it has a modern contemporary feel. It also makes small space looks bigger which more people gives premium to that since some places the cost of space become more expensive. But before you decide to install one in your house it is better to know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of installing wet rooms.


1. It makes small bathroom looks spacious since you do away with shower stalls and trays or bathtub. It creates an open space.

2. Maintenance is easy. There is no tub to clean and you don't have to worry for the floor to get wet. Water drains easily since there is a gradient floor system that directs the water to the water drain.

3. Prevent accidental fall. The floor is level; you don't have to balance yourself to get in and out of the shower area since there are no tub wall or shower trays to step over.

4. Easy access even to people with limited mobility. Elderly and disabled people either in the wheel chair or walker can have easy access to the shower area since the floor is level with the other area of the bathroom and there are no doors in the shower area.

5. It makes your bathroom looks modern and contemporary.

6. An additional second or third small bathroom that is remodeled to a shower wet room can increase the market value of your house.


1. It has to be installed by professionals; it needs proper installation of water drainage and waterproofing. Do it yourself installation of wet rooms might cause water damage to your house if not done properly.

2. Wet rooms' floors and walls need to be tiles all over which can be costly.

3. Back splash can make your towels and toilet paper become damp. Either you install shower screen or install a sealed cupboard to protect you towels and toilet paper from water back splash.

4. If installation done incorrectly, water can leak into the subflooring and can cause water damage. It might lead to rotting woods and plasters and can harm the structural integrity of the house.

5. Changing your only bathroom into wet room can lower the resale value of your house since most people want to have a choice either to have shower or bath in their bathroom.

6. If you choose a porous material for tiling, you need to maintain and reseal it very 2 to 3 months. And every couple of years you need to check and maintain the seal to keep it still water tight.

7. The cost of installation is usually more expensive than regular bathroom designs.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of installing these rooms give you the power to make an informed decision whether wet rooms is the best bathroom design for your home or not.

Now you can more or less decide better whether you want to convert your old bathroom into a wet room or maybe create several new wet rooms [http://www.walkinshowershop.com/tag/wet-rooms/] entirely. If you are still looking for help, consider visiting Walk in Baths [http://www.walkinshowershop.com/]. If you are looking for designs, there are a lot of contemporary wet room designs you can take inspiration from.

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