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Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Most flat roofs are discovered on industrial buildings and had been possibly set up by skilled industrial roofers with flat roofing encounter; nonetheless, you will locate some residences with this sort of installation. Sadly, most of those installs had been carried out by contractors with small or no expertise dealing with this kind of roofing and finish up requiring repair lengthy prior to reaching the minimal life expectancy of the supplies.


Most of the leaks requiring repairs are these set up with a single ply rubber membrane referred to as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer). This sort of roofing material has replaced the earlier style of flat roofing which was created up of a base sheet and several layers of felt paper and hot asphalt or coal tar. Typically this was covered with gravel to give it improved life. This kind of flat roofing is referred to as BUR (built up roofing). In most circumstances this sort of roofing though making use of less higher tech supplies out lasts the EPDM roofing in residential applications due to the inconsistency in installation procedures.

Discovering a Contractor

If you determine that repairing your flat roof is not worth the price and you need to have the roof replaced, be certain to discover a roofing contractor with encounter putting in flat roofs. Get referrals and examine them out prior to you sign a contract. You might locate it challenging to discover a competent roofer that will install flat roofing on a residence. You can be an skilled asphalt shingle roofer and not know how to put on a flat rubber roof. Most of the pros limit their tasks to industrial installations, but if you take your time and preserve seeking, you can discover them.

Which Program is Greatest?

Today's new flat roof installations supply a type of supplies. There are these that nevertheless claim EPDM single ply membranes - the most frequent Method in the US and the material of option for the low-slope industrial roofing business for over 40 years - is nonetheless the Very best Method to use. Other people claim the newer components like TPO (thermoplastic polyefin, SBS (self adhering membrane systems) or a PVC membrane making use of hot air welded seams would be a a lot much better answer. You will locate roofing contractors that vigorously defend their favored Program. Your Very best bet is to uncover a roofing contractor in your location with a lengthy background of service and examine out his referrals. Some of those systems perform Greatest in intense heat or cold, so your area may make a distinction.

Do It Oneself Flat Roof Repair

If you have an EPDM membrane and it looks like it can be repaired you are nonetheless faced with a quantity of selections. There is a black rubber glue or a Peel-and-stick flashing material with a rubber primer that covers the seams of the membrane which is exactly where most leaks happen.

Each of those techniques offers a restricted life extension to your roof. Maintain in thoughts that those repair supplies do not Typically come in little quantities, so unless you can uncover a roofing contractor that will sell you just the quantity you require, you might finish up spending fairly considerably funds on supplies.

Let the Pros Verify it Out 1st

You must often have an knowledgeable roofing contractor verify your roof prior to you attempt to do the repairs Your self. Constantly an seasoned contractor can see harm that the homeowner can not see. Dependent on your scenario, they could be able to do the repair for what you would spend in material expenses by performing it Oneself.

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